Jujitsu, Self Defense & Martial Arts School in Holbrook NY 11741

JuJitsu / Jiu Jitsu is the Japanese art of attack and defense against an armed or unarmed opponent by grasping or striking so that the opponent's own strength and weight are used against him.

Modern Jujitsu Classes combines both physical and mental education. Through the practice of Jujitsu, one learns skill, knowledge, and self-discipline while enjoying oneself.

De Leon Bu-Kai Jujitsu School in Holbrook NY 11741 offers Jujitsu / Jiu Jitsu Classes for kids & adults as well as Private Jujitsu Lessons in Long Island. At De Leon Bu-Kai Jujitsu follows the Kokushiryu Jujitsu style, which was founded by Professor Nobuyoshi Higashi based in the old Samurai tradition. Through this Martial Arts style students will learn many Self Defense techniques. For example: how to escape from holds, throwing, choking, striking, kicking, punching, blocking, forms (Katas) and more.


Sensei Victor De Leon

Sensei Victor has been teaching Jujitsu since 1974. He taught self defense at St. Joseph College in Patchogue, NY and substituted for Professor Higashi at Stony Brook University. Active member of the Kokushi Budo Institute.

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De Leon Bu-Kai Jujitsu
975 Main Street
Holbrook, NY 11741
(631) 645-7411